Minecraft - The most addicting game ever...

Discussion in 'Computer Discussion' started by Snavemada5, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Spanishbel Active Member

    It wasn't just creepers I saw durning the day, I also saw spiders, skeletons, and zombies. :D
  2. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

    oh my!

    I am loving/hating the rpg thing shaun added. I love it because it gives me something to do but hate it because I can't use my advance knee replacements and other stuff like diamond stuff....

    Anyone tries to be a dick and keep killing me because i can't use the knee replacements gets banned >.>

    jk jk lol
  3. Spanishbel Active Member

    What the hell is the knee replacement?
  4. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

    part of the portal gun mod that prevents fall damage. haha
  5. DAmwake Codfried Woolensworth

  6. EnemyCombatant92 Green Acres!

  7. Smashsoul Inexperienced Member

    I'm back, I had to save up work moneys for a new laptop so I have been absent, but with my triumphant return I created my own Minecraft server, and whilst exploring a bit away from my main hub, I found this... My friends and I have cleverly dubbed it "The Anus of the Earth"! You may notice a drastic difference in my health between the two images, that was a sneaky creeper who decided to sneak up on me whilst I took these pics...



    But yeah, it's essentially a massive hole in the ground... Sorry the pics are so big by the way, I tried re-sizing them, but they still came out the same... I might post some more of my main town hub area soon =]
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  8. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

    Sweet! Welcome back and you should join us on Plloi's server sometime :p
  9. Spanishbel Active Member

    Yea more people to play mc. I think we should do another tourny lol.
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  10. Jimmy Skin-o-matic


    :( I miss Moo and her MC fun too...
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  11. Smashsoul Inexperienced Member

    I'm up for playing Minecraft anytime =] Also, this is my legion of doom I'm building, many a chicken has gone suicidal and jumped into the lava flow =3

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  12. EnemyCombatant92 Green Acres!

  13. Plloi Member

    That greedy bastard was holding out!
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  14. Spanishbel Active Member

    You would have done the same don't lie.
  15. EnemyCombatant92 Green Acres!

    I like the idea of the diamond shotgun with gunpowder hahaha. Fucking blow those creepers away!
  16. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

  17. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

  18. Jimmy Skin-o-matic

    Triple Post...

    Just had to because the world in Plloi's server is awesome. It is beautiful!

  19. EnemyCombatant92 Green Acres!

    The new world generator he made is just amazing.
  20. Moo Enjoys a good naj

    1.8.1 - TooManyItems Jar File - http://www.mediafire.com/?mv38l7ton03xohu

    When I logged into a random world to see if it works, I noticed in the distance a cow on the cliff face. I helped it down, to it's own detriment.

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